Double XP Weekend!

SOE announced today that they will be running Double XP all weekend, from 9 AM PST on Dec. 7th to 9am PST on Dec. 10th.

For the Republic!

PlanetSide 2 launched today, and the Omega Triad is setting up shop on US West Connery, with our secondary base of opertions on Jaeger. Please add Ninjaneer, Ag3ntx0x, or Beltfed once you get ingame. If you'd like to go Smurf and Barney hunting with us, shoot us a /tell! An official sign-up form is in the works for the Outfit, and I will reopen the forum registration once I can find a reasonable way of cutting back on all the spam bots that have been trying to register lately.

The Ωmega Triad is Now Recruiting!

The Omega Triad is small guild of close friends and family. We play a wide variety of games, from Battlefield 3 to Minecraft. We are looking to expand and will be building a few new divisions. Our main focus (for the time being) is going to be on Planetside 2, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier, and Minecraft. Head over to the forums and submit your application today! We don't recruit based on skill, and skill alone. You must be mature (regardless of your age), team-minded, respectful towards Triad leadership, and show yourself worthy to bear our sigil.