Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online Closed Beta Update!

Phase 3

GRO Closed Beta Phase 3 Has Begun

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Closed Beta is, well, Closed

GRO Closed Beta Phase 2 Has Ended, Now What....

With the Closed Beta for GRO ending a few weeks ago, I have found my self looking for something to fill the void. I have revisted Battlefield 3 (which is still a blast), tried GRAW, R6: Vegas II, and even started playing ArmA II (which now has a "Free" edition!). Needless to say, I still can't wait for the next phase of the GRO beta to start up, and I'm REALLY looking forward to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier!

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GRO Closed Beta Phase 2 Servers are going 24/7 on 4/20!

Perhaps my only major gripe for "Phase 2" of the GRO Closed Beta is the fact that the servers are still only up from 5 PM to 12 AM CST..., well that changes this Friday! If you don't want to wait for a 'free' key, jump on Steam and snag Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter I & II for instant access to the beta.

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GRO Closed Beta Phase 2 now live!

"Phase 2" of the GRO Closed Beta is now live! If you have not already sign up for a free beta key today!

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GRO Closed Beta: Initial Reactions

"Phase 1" of the GRO Closed Beta recently ended and I find myself checking my email almost hourly for updates on when "Phase 2" is going to begin. This game is such a blast to play! While there are definately some game play tweaks and weapon balancing that needs to be addressed, overall the game 'feels' very unique.

I have gotten so burnt out by all the hype that typically goes along with every new FPS. All the claims about reinventing the genre, only to find they just changed the 'hub caps'. In GRO, each classes role is unique, and you will quickly find out that if there is not a proper balance of classes within a given team, then your team will definately struggle.

Please head over to the official GRO website for complete details about the game, and sign up for the next phase of the beta!

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