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ArmA II Mod Spotlight: DayZ

The FIRST "Zombie" game that actually has me scared to play it...

When I started my replay of the ArmA series, one of the first things I did was look up what mods were available. Typically, for this type of game, I'd go for the character/army reskins and weapon mod packs. Instead, I found DayZ.

While still in 'Alpha', this mod is simply amazing. Sure I've played Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Left 4 Dead, etc., and had my "jumpy" and "startled" moments. But none of those games ever really scared me in the way DayZ has. The atmoshpere and setting are a stark contrast to anything I've seen before. Then when you throw rogue "bandit" players in the mix..., its pure paranoia. I'm torn between searching for ammo and supplies, and trying to avoid those places, knowing that other players may be waiting in the shadows to take me out and loot my corpse.

DayZ is a free mod, but you'll need to purchase ArmA II Combined Operations to play it. I recommend finding it on Steam. You can pick it up for about $30. It'll be the best $30 you've spent this year, or drop an extra $20 and pick up the ArmA X version instead. Regardless, no mod for any game, has caught my attention like this since Day of Defeat & Counter-Strike for the original Half-Life.

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ArmA Series Replay

News about ArmA III has inspired an ArmA/ArmA II "Replay"!

While I have been a BI fan since the original Operation Flashpoint, I never got into the ArmA series the way I was into its predecessor. With the recent anouncements around ArmA III, I have gone back and revisted ArmA II and I am having a blast. Thanks to TAW and JSOC for the excellent COOP servers, and the awesome Project Reality and DayZ mods, my interest in ArmA III has been 'perked' to say the least. The new game engine looks amazing! I'm keeping a close eye out for beta news, and will post information about the ArmA III beta if/when it becomes available.

For now though, I am quite satisfied playing ArmA II. I regret not getting into this game earlier on, because playing in the massive COOP Domination servers brings back fond memories of the Operation Flashpoint series. (BEFORE Codemasters ran it into the ground.)

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ArmA II - mods - HD textures still = AWESOME!

About a year ago, Bohemia Interactive decided to release a "Free 2 Play" version of ArmA II. Sure they stripped away mod support and the HD textures, but the core of the game is still there, and it's still fun.

If your up for the challenge head over to the ArmA II - Free page and grab it. Or if you'd prefer the full ArmA experience, pickup the ArmA X package on Steam!

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